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M.Rosa Moore

Maria has loved every story she can remember.
No matter if it was through art, dance, music, film, or reading, storytelling was a love from the very beginning.  

Living in Bundjalung Country in the Northern Rivers, Australia, Maria spends most of her time day-dreaming, painting and burning cookies with her furry friends Sasha and Fluffy Shemmi.

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Writing is an intuitive pursuit.

It is one that happens in the late hours of the night and early in the morning, when the real world doesn't get a chance to interfere. For me, it always felt like a secret.

Now let me share my secret with you. 

The Lemon Tree Book Cover.png

The Lemon Tree

Prema is Achilles.

Mara is Patroclus.

Lost and abandoned by her childhood passions and dreams, in a melancholic journey, Mara finds herself on a farm, with a girl. For three months, as the summer heat fades and winter sets in, a deafening romance blooms that will not be forgotten. But set against insecurities, religion and expectation, is it possible for them to hope?

Set in the idyllic countryside, this tragical romance follows two young woman as they explore what it is to love and be loved. 

Available now for Pre-Order.
Paperback, hardback and ebook options available.

The Adventures of Fluffy Shemmi (1).png

The Adventures of Fluffy Shemmi

A charming children's book filled with beautiful watercolour artwork. 

The story follows the happily round cat Fluffy Shemmi on all her little adventures. 

This heartwarming little book is written by Maria-Rosa and her sister Aria-Ella who each contributed to the simple pleasures and troubles Fluffy Shemmi experiences. 

Available now for Pre-Order.
Paperback, hardback and ebook options available.

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