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With Maria-Rosa

Intentional Creativity Retreat


Yet to be announced! 


Expressions of Interest! 

Contact Maria: 0409 129 065

Intentional Creativity Retreat Spring  2022

Painting is a medicine.

Painting is a mediation for your mind. 

Filled with Artistic Rituals that you will learn to entwine with your growing creative practice.

Take these skills to solve the problems life presents to you creatively. In this unique three day artist retreat we will honor our beautiful Earth and community through rituals, ceremonies, sound meditations, breath work, hikes in nature, painting, yoga, and find ways of expressing our creativity. 
Ritual and ceremony offer us the opportunity to alchemize the mundane into something sacred. During our days together, we will be connecting with the importance of living in community as well as making space, a pause to let nature hold us so we can hear our hearts and empower our relationship to oneself.

This retreat centers around creative rituals. Each day will include practices to strengthen your connection to yourself, the earth you walk upon, the nature around you and your soul within. 


Even though we will be practicing artmaking, there is NO requirement to have any experience in drawing, painting or creating. This is a unique opportunity to learn not only techniques in artmaking, but also how to use creativity in your work and life. 

The Retreat Will Include:

Yoga Classes

Rituals to Invoke the Inner Artist

Sound Meditations

Painting as a Meditation Workshops

Vegetarian Meals

Each day we will practice the rituals of Yoga in a Vinyasa style and a Yin style. 

In this practice we will ground into our physical selves, allow for movement in the body and open ourselves to our full potential. 

Rituals and ceremonies to help you connect to a quiet space within yourself to seek answers, access your innate source of creativity and find peace. We will find what talents you already have and learn new ones to bring forth. 

Using the healing sound bowls and our voices, these sessions will not be held every day but will be combined with other activities. The power of a sound meditation is beyond words. 

Every day we will focus most of our time on learning and growing as artists and creators. Classes will move through the fundamental rules of art and some techniques you can apply to your artmaking. We will then focus all we learned on a final piece!

All meals will be prepared with love during your stay. My sister is a beautiful cook who practices with Ayurvedic principles in her cooking. Please send an email in advance with any and all dietary requirements so that we may cater to your needs. 

Expressions of Interest

Contact Maria - 0409 129 065

Be the first to hear about the official opening and book your spot in this amazing artist retreat!

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